The School for Inquiry and Social Justice 


Our mission at The School for Inquiry and Social Justice (MS 337) is to ensure that all students are on the path that leads to a successful career, which may look like attending college or acquiring a trade. 

MS 337 students participate in learning that is rigorous, meaningful, and develops their curiosity about the world around them.  Through culturally responsive curricula, students are provided with opportunities to strengthen and utilize critical thinking skills, cultivate individual agency, and engage in intellectual discourse with peers. 

We strive for academic excellence, social-emotional health, well-being, and a cultural connectedness that is 40 years lasting. It is our belief that we are responsible for developing young people with critical and creative minds, empathy for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. 

MS 337 is a community that embraces and celebrates the identities and cultures of all its members in a safe, accepting, and inclusive environment. We are committed to educating the whole child and are dedicated to the moral, intellectual, social, emotional, academic, and behavioral development of each student that walks through the doors of MS 337.


Every MS 337 student will believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel, and to own their future. They will achieve their maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging environment that ensures the acquisition of skills and strategies for learning that transfers to life beyond their School of Inquiry and Social Justice experience. This will enable each student to flourish and understand their role as a responsible citizen in the global community.