Remote Learning Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken everyday in every class. Students must log into every class, everyday even if they have completed the assigned work in advance. Students are required to respond to the message that their teacher leaves for them everyday and submit it. This is how their attendance is taken everyday. If the student does not log in to one or more of their classes, they will be marked absent and you will receive a call from our attendance staff informing you of your child's absence.

Please keep in mind, we understand the challenges many of you are facing with technology, and therefore we are giving students the opportunity to log into their classes at any time during the day for their attendance only. Students are still responsible for attending live instructional sessions with their teachers during the times the teacher specifies.

Students are also responsible for submitting their assignments when they are due. If students miss due dates for assignments, you will receive a phone call from a member of our PBIS team informing you that your child has an assignment that is past due.

As a school community, we are here to make sure that your child is successful, especially through this time of remote learning and therefore we will continue to communicate our expectations for learning with you.